Spring offers amazing hiking in Chadburn Lake park.

Spring offers amazing hiking in Chadburn Lake park.

The arrival of Daily Savings Time – though useless in the long daylight of summer – allows Yukon to lead Canada in sunshine hours this time of year.

The long twilight of dusk allows our growing season to begin as early as the first week of March – look for the arrival of pussy willows and poplar buds on the downtown trees.

Spring is also our sunniest season. March still has cold enough temperatures for winter activities supported by pleasant -3C afternoon temperatures – no melt!. Enjoy a run or walk along the top of the clay cliffs and bring your sunglasses!

April is hatching season! If you have the energy, climb the Black Street stairs and follow the trail south (left) along the edge of the airport for about 2 km, until you are across the road (and still high on the cliff) from the entrance to the highway rest stop next to the river. The view of the Yukon River as it enters Whitehorse is one of the best in the Yukon. The nest is at the top of a tree standing tall above the others just below the edge of the cliff. A pair of eagles come back every year to lay eggs – and they are back this year. .We watch as the eggs hatch in May, the babies leave the nest in July and are full-sized hunters living off the Yukon River salmon runs in late summer and fall.

Warm afternoon sun turns late spring into full summer in about two weeks in mid-May. Trees are in full green and flowers are in bloom as Yukon rapidly approaches June 21 – the longest day of the year. But don’t worry if you are not here then – May already offers near 24-hour daylight, with full darkness only for a couple of hours between 2-4 a.m. May is usually the warmest month in Whitehorse, with high pressure weather providing days of perfect sunshine.